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Creative Industries expertise in Tayside

During the last 20 years, Creative Industries and Digital Media expertise has been applied to practically every type of industry and product type. Locally, we have witnessed; a record number of graduates, an increased number of high growth companies, more incubation facilities and a number of university spin out companies specialising in Creative Industries and Digital Media.


  • Digital media access - Identify accessibility issues within internal and external systems. This is particularly relevant to companies working with children, the disabled or the elderly.
  • Software and games engineering - Developing tailored software projects incorporating design, consultancy, construction, testing and maintenance.
  • 3D Imaging & Virtual Reality – Applied for geological surveying, interactive education, medical imaging, environmental analysis, and other scientific applications.
  • Internet and network Security - Advice, design and development of internet and network security structures. Advice and consultancy on design with regards to present and future regulations.
  • Ethical hacking – Certified experts who assist companies in identification of system vulnerabilities and weaknesses through system hacking.
  • Wireless networks – Research into intelligent sensors, mobile networks and location aware devices.
  • Computational modelling – Organisation of information through computer driven models, often used for analysis of medical, physical and psychological patterns.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Integrating practical applications of AI into computer games technology, power systems management, intelligent and smart systems.
  • Eye tracking – Facilities, equipment and expertise to monitor consumer perception, language processing, web design and product placement.
  • E-Learning – Research and advice on development of accessible, interactive and effective web-based virtual learning environments for the elderly, children with disabilities and those with limited resources.

Specific Projects 

This is not an exhaustive list of the expertise available in the area. Experts can provide tailored solutions to specific problems of the Industry. If your company has a specific idea, problem or area for development, please click here to contact us via our General Contact email form.

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