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foodinnovation@abertay can offer a full product development support system including product design, technology identification, recipe development, sensory analysis and consumer panels using highly sophisticated software, nutritional and product analysis and labelling advice.

foodinnovation@abertay services

Product Analysis and Shelf Life Testing

FIA has facilities to analyse products, e.g. for fat, salt and protein levels. This information can be used when developing new products or re-formulating existing products to make them healthier. Results can be compared to the Traffic Light system for food analysis and advice can be provided to reduce fat and salt levels without affecting sensory perception of the products.

Investigating the real shelf life of a product and discovering methods to extend shelf life can save money and reduce food wastage.

Food hygiene, food safety and HACCP

The implementation of an adequate and up-to-date HACCP system as part of the overall food safety management in a food environment is a legal requirement. Experts can work with you and make recommendation that will help you establish a HACCP plan that fits the specific requirements of your products. The food and drink industry must be aware of the implications of new policy developments, new regulations, health warnings, food scares as well as public health campaigns. As the consumerís expectations of food safety increases industry must be able to meet the challenge and FIA can offer expert support to achieve this goal.

Nutritional Analysis

Using state of the art nutritional analysis software, (as used by the NHS), FIA is able to investigate the nutritional content of your product. It can also be used for recipe and menu development and allows theoretical values to be checked before carrying out expensive time-consuming development work.

Food styling and food photography

FIAís state of the art digital food photography studio and experience in food styling and presentation for food packaging and display purposes provides a valuable resource to food industrialists and marketeers.

Advice on producing healthier foods

Health enhancing foods represent one of the fastest growing areas of research and development leading to novel products intended for disease prevention and health promotion. The "healthy" foods industry, which includes nutraceuticals, functional foods, fortified foods, supplements, organics and natural foods, is growing by 10-20% per year.

Specialist facilities

FIA has a wide range of specialist facilities available for use, including test kitchens, food science laboratories and a product demonstration theatre

Consumer Studies

Consumers demand safe, healthy and high quality food, FIA look for solutions that are not only innovative in terms of technology and science but also take into consideration consumersí needs and how best they can be achieved. Technical staff can provide expert advice and support in new product development looking into consumer preferences and needs, nationally and beyond.

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