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Agriculture expertise in Tayside

Innovation in agriculture

There is significant interest from around the world in the Tayside agricultural sector which presents significant new business opportunities. Companies involved in, and servicing, the agricultural sector include; farmers, growers, food production, machinery manufacturing, distillers, bakers and packaging companies. The sector is continuing to react to new environmental legislation and climate change which require solutions to counteract the associated problems.

The Innovation Portal can assist companies in all areas of the Agricultural sector with experts in the areas of:

  • Plant Pathology – Development of pest and weed control measures to minimise crop losses and increase the quality of output.
  • Plant breeding – Design and production of new varieties of berries, cereals, potatoes to suit specific requirements e.g. higher yield, disease protection, colour, shape, size, sweetness etc.
  • Irrigation strategies – Optimising irrigation strategies through water use analysis, expert advice and techniques.
  • Decision support systems – Design and implementation of systems that stimulate the effects of soil, climate, management and economic factors and their interactions on crops, soil fertility and the environment.
  • Eco-engineering & Soil Stabilisation – Using plant roots as a 'green' engineering solution to increase stability of engineered slopes and to reduce noise levels. These methods provide potential cost, sustainability and environmental benefits over traditional methods.
  • Thermal imaging and remote sensing of vegetation – Can be used to assess water loss from plant canopies and to monitor responses to environmental stress e.g. drought or flooding.
  • Composting & Biowaste – Advice and techniques on composting waste materials and how recycling can turn nominal waste into valuable supplements or replacements for traditional materials.
  • Soil testing - Soil testing facilities to measure soil properties from Atterberg limits, through oedometer and low stress level testing to thermal conductivity.

Specific Projects

Experts can provide tailored solutions to specific problems of the industry. If your company has a specific idea, problem or area for development, please click here to contact us via our General Enquiries email form.

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