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Lightweight Structures Unit

The Lightweight Structures Unit is a 'think-tank' for cutting-edge research and design in the fields of Advanced Materials, Lightweight Structures and Mobile Building Systems. The Unit brings together under a single umbrella a collaborative group of international universities, architectural and engineering practices and manufacturers concerned with research, design and development into new, low-weight, minimum energy structures and materials.

The Unit specialises in the design and development of new, innovative, highly efficient, economic and sustainable building technologies. The Unit undertakesresearch, design and development in the following areas:

  • lightweight, membrane and hybrid tension architecture;
  • pre-manufactured, transportable and rapidly deployable buildings;
  • Innovations in the design and application of traditional and new materials.

A wide range of expertise and facilities are available across a number of European centres, providing specialised computer visualization and modelling, numerical form-finding and FE Analysis, large and small scale physical load testing, prototyping and manufacture. The international, interdisciplinary team comprises four universities and several professional and industrial partners within a flexible framework combining architecture, structural engineering, material engineering, industrial design and manufacture as required by individual projects.

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