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Concrete Technology Unit

The Concrete Technology Unit is part of the School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics. The Unit has a strong partnership with Industry and is strongly guided practitioners in the field. The unit has compiled a substantial knowledge base and fundamental understanding to meet the needs of industry.

Many of CTUs current research projects are jointly funded by government or industry. CTU has an extensive track record for working with industry in areas such as:

  • Concrete Science
  • Environment
  • Technology and construction
  • Durability
  • Repair and maintenance strategies
  • Recycling/reuse of materials and sustainability issues
  • Novel construction applications
  • Risk assessment
  • Whole life costs analysis

CTU places great emphasis on managing projects to the satisfaction of its industrial partners who participate actively in directing the work. CTU has engaged with Global and local companies of all sizes.

Green Concrete

The CTU has carried out considerable research in the area of sustainability, developing efficient and energy saving construction techniques and promoting the use of natural resources. There is considerable potential for using the following materials as aggregates, fillers, and cement components in concrete.

  • Fly Ash
  • Conditioned Fly Ash
  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate
  • Incinerator Ashes
  • Recycled Glass
  • Granulated Rubber

The CTU is now promoting this resource to industry so findings can be implemented in practice to bring the use of these materials up to a desirable and sustainable level.


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