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Construction expertise in Tayside

Value added innovation breeds competitive advantage

The research institutions have much to offer the construction sector in Tayside. Responding to the needs of the sector the Innovation Portal is working closely with the Scottish Construction Centre and Scottish Enterprise to help local construction companies introduce new practices, services and products which help them grow and develop. Both the Universities of Abertay Dundee and Dundee have an excellent track record in working with this sector.

  • Concrete Technology - expertise to improve durability and sustainability of concrete, natural resources and other construction materials. Development of efficient and energy saving techniques to lower costs and environmental impact.
  • Whole Life Costing - WLC assists the industry in calculating the true cost of build projects - projecting resource, maintenance and disposal costs and can identify cost savings of up to 30%.
  • Lightweight Structural engineering - expertise available in designing innovative structures including portable structures for a variety of uses and truss design.
  • Geotechnical engineering - centrifuge testing and soil testing to investigate foundation, pipeline and environmental problems.
  • Project management built and natural environment experts - construction project management, specifically, analysis and solutions to civil engineering problems and waste management.
  • Materials Analysis - surface, bulk and thin film analysis techniques applicable to a wide variety of problems and sectors eg corrosion issues, paper manufacture, ceramics, microelectronics, phosphors, printing, plastics.
  • Structural landscaping expertise - using planting to stabilise slopes and embankments, noise reduction and the use of planting to increase the success of regeneration programs.
  • Timber substitution expertise - related to the production of timber substitutes using crops and waste materials can help firms reduce carbon footprint.
  • Scottish Construction Centre - develop and deliver knowledge transfer in ways to encourage best practice, improve innovation, and increase communication and development.

Specific Projects

Experts can provide tailored solutions to specific problems of the industry. If your company has a specific idea, problem or area for development, please click here to contact us via our General Contact email form.

Expertise Profiles

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