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Funding Innovation

The Innovation Portal small grants scheme can provide support to Scottish small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) where further investigation is needed for an innovation project. Academics can work with SMEs to identify potential opportunities for innovative new projects, processes or services at no cost to the company. The grants take the form of Initial Technology Audits (ITA) and Technology Feasibility Studies (TFS).

An ITA or TFS from our Small Grants Scheme can be useful for determining the aims, requirements and scope of a larger project.

The Innovation Portal can also assist companies in finding out about or applying for other innovation funding.

Click here to view a summary of funding for SME innovation projects, including the new Horizon 2020 SME Engagement Scheme, which is worth up to £5,000 and is designed to help companies to explore the feasibility of accessing EU funding.

Schemes we can assist with include:

For further information on any of these schemes please contact Jamie Henderson.