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Coolside Ltd and Institute of Motion Analysis and Research at University of Dundee

NapScarf - by Trtl™ - is the next generation of travel pillow, with a number of unique benefits. Promoted as the most comfortable way to sleep on the go, it is cleverly engineered to look like a scarf when worn, packs to the size of a tablet and provides more support than any other traditional u-shaped travel pillow. In this project, independently undertaken by the University of Dundee, it was scientifically proven to improve head and neck posture in an upright sitting position, whilst relaxing or sleeping.

In order to independently establish the benefits of NapScarf by Trtl™, Coolside sought the expertise of the University of Dundee. This project, headed by Professor Rami Abboud, Head of Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery and Director of the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at the University of Dundee, undertook a detailed head-to-head study between NapScarf and a traditional top-of-the-range u-shaped travel pillow to examine scientifically the benefits of this new concept using motion analysis to measure the effects of the head and neck posture over a period of time on healthy subjects.

Professor Abboud is recognised internationally for his expertise in the field of motion analysis and biomechanics (posture, movement, ergonomics).

NapScarf was tested in a simulated aircraft seating environment constructed within IMAR’s laboratory and provided scientific proof that it keeps your head in a better position for sleeping upright.  9/10 of participants chose the NapScarf by Trtl™ over the traditional memory foam u-shaped travel pillow.

The project results offered the company various positive outcomes:

  • The NapScarf by Trtl™ was scientifically proven to hold the head in a better ergonomic position than a traditional memory foam u-shaped travel pillow
  • Confidence to market NapScarf with proven scientific benefits, giving significant market advantage
  • Potential of increased sales from the compelling marketing message
  • Securing a patent to protect the unique features of NapScarf by Trtl™
  • Pipeline of products and expansion of markets to include Health and Wellbeing sectors

Download the case study as a PDF for print.


Scottish Funding Council (SFC) provided a £5,000 grant through their Innovation Voucher Scheme.


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